cross l's eyes of blue topaz

Topaz - Tobi, black c/w, rf, 38 cm, US Import

HD etc folgt

CMR 1 clear, CEA clear, CMO clear, CD clear, HC clear, HUU clear, MDR1 clear, NCL 6+8 clear, prcd-PRA clear, von Willebrand clear, CDDY/IVDD clear,

ALX4 - Blue Eye Color Dup/Dup, Tail Length normal

atat, Bb, DD, EE, kyky, SS,  M-Lokus m/m

ECVO Certificate of eye examination all clear

Gebiss korrekt und vollständig


Sire: Cross L's Surf's Up In Sand Diego, 39cm

Dam: Cross L's Madison Monsoon, 32 cm

GSire: Country Dreams Burnin Sonds Of Cabo

GSire: CH Cross L's Carsons City No Limits

GDam: CH Cross L's Star Of Breakfast @ Tiffany

GDam: CH Cross L's Fire N' Ice Princess Cheyenne